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Helping Christian female speakers, coaches, writers, and entrepreneurs in various aspects of their businesses. 

The Faith Works Academy
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The Faith Works Academy is for emerging, aspiring, & seasoned female speakers, coaches, writers, & entrepreneurs who want to learn how to build, grow, or leverage your speaking, courses, and online businesses that will get you results when the work is put in consistently. We can get what we want when we work in the Lord Jesus' timing. We do our part and He does His. 

Faith & Grind Speaking Course

The Faith & Grind Speaking Course is for you if you want a coaching & training “boot-camp” that focuses on many aspects of how to speak with confidence & successfully present at conferences, summits, corporate events, workshops, etc.

Faith & Grind Digital Course

The Faith & Grind Digital Course is for you if you want to connect with clients and/or customers through online learning at their own pace or taught live with you. This Faith & Grind Digital Course Academy is something that may be a game-changer for you.

Faith & Grind Business Course

The Faith & Grind Business Course is for you if you want to grow and leverage your online businesses.​

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