• How to Use the Faith Model to Build Your Business

  • Blessed to be a Blessing; How to Leverage Your God-given Gift

  • God’s Vision for Your Life

  • Momentum and Movement, Working While You "Wait"

  • Prayer, Why It Works


Sharon is an international speaker and certified faith coach who helps people:

  • Move from the back to the front by bringing out a new-found faith/confidence they forgot they had or never knew they had.

  • Find their voice of power in order to get to where God has for them to go. What drives that? Sharon understands how it feels to be underestimated and muzzled and does not want anyone else feeling like they do not measure up.

  • Tap into their God-given gift, so they will be able to experience the amazing things God has always had for them before they were even born.

  • Realize that their God-given primary gift involves momentum and movement and how to start that process.

  • Increase their faith and confidence through prayer, confidence (believing in themselves), and grinding (works, action).

  • Get to financial freedom by using the gift "their daddy [God] gave them"

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